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Spanish Stories Last Updated: May 12th, 2011 - 15:26:18

Tito's 30th Anniversary Bash
By Ric Polansky
May 5, 2011, 05:38

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What a pleasure to pen a few inconsequential lines about joy and triumph instead of those heart rendering obituaries that drain so much out of me. I would rather have two good beatings a day than write another one—ever!

But, an anniversary is really something special, and especially for someone like Tito who has been Mr Mojacar´s beach representative for many more years than the three decades celebrated.

Main flag carriers Daphne and David Pettit reserved me a front row seat. Unusual, but maybe he knew something good was going to happen-- and it did. Mien hostess Barbara swung by to greet me and insist I eat some of their famous chocolate cake (oh, the torture). Karen, Daphne and David had already tucked into Tito´s famed Margaritas (by the bucket). They were an instant hits as was the band from Mazarron called the Brady Bunch. Phil Brady, the leader had been in the states for years playing in and about Nashville and produced the best live sounds I’ve heard in ages. A wonderful combination of truck driving blues, Hillbilly rock and sentimental country. Phil´s voice was a match for the crowd and they just wouldn’t let him leave.

The piece de resistance was just that, Maribel a fan dancer that was just too sexy and wonderful and enjoyable for me to write too much without getting clipped alongside the ear.

Tito rarely made an appearance, but could be spotted in the background as ever, nodding that all was going well.

Tito has promised to repeat the venue later this summer.

It’s a must event to attend. I promise to keep you posted.

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