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Jun 16, 2011, 11:21

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The very day of the election the outcome was immediately challenged by 8 out of the 9 parties. Every group other than the current mayor’s party, the PP, rushed to Vera to present their cases in front of the regional electoral law officials. A lot of noise was made but officials pleaded to everyone to calm down and obviously were hoping that a day or two later the entire case would be forgotten.

I had followed the elections with a lot of pride and good futuristic feeling. So many new and innovative ideas were expressed it made me feel solidly good about the future. Then, when the news of the postal vote landslide appeared I was personally devastated. Our world is in a crisis primarily spurred on by personal greed and hunger for power, which has brought our economies crashing down around our ears.

A built in flaw exists in the system in that most of the judges here are politically appointed and it is the PP that has regained control. Most of my Spanish friends shrugged their shoulders and pleaded forlornly, “what ya gonna do?” But one major candidate didn’t, Diego “Marullo” Gonzalez. I have written earlier how impressed I was with him. He certainly took the election seriously and didn’t allow the dust to settle. He went off to Almeria and raised a storm, then Granada and I am sure would have gone to Madrid. Diego G didn’t have flashy pamphlet’s to promote his election promises but rather carried with him a car full of documents, maps and photocopies of registered letters that were never made available to the general public. “Shenanigans” were happening at the town hall and Diego G was not going to lie down nor walk away beaten.

My dream was to have many members of many parties all sharing their good will and novel ideas to the benefit of the village—this still might happen. Hope springs eternal.

In any case the scheme to steal the sincere and democratic voting outcome

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