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Humour Last Updated: Jul 15th, 2011 - 05:44:28

Beware of the Summer snake bite
By Ric Polansky
Jul 15, 2011, 05:39

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Beware of Summer Snake bites :

By Ric Polansky ©

I had seen the dancing cobra picture taken so many times that I had already made up my mind that it could be a better "photograph" if I was to get down low and make the snake look taller. So, when the opportunity came up in Marrakesh I dived right for it, low as I could go and got the snake tall and powerful. Whereupon I was informed by the snake charmer "Misser, dat viper next to your face is a lot meaner than this cobra".

As youngsters we were taught that it was a Spanish “asp” that nibbled on Cleopatra and caused her death. BUNK! Even if written by the bard of the English yard.

Once while following the Madrid Open Golf tournament one of the players saw a snake, being terribly inquisitive he picked it up and was struck twice. David Faherty was his name and he won’t do that again as he was leading the tournament and his hand swelled up so much he couldn’t hold a club nor compete for two more weeks.

Snakes only come in two forms: bad and worse. You pretty much have to look hard and long before you find one, still, don’t take chances.

I have been following closely the old news story of the hi-way grass cutter who was bitten by a vibora last October while working in El Ejido. He has just died. That’s a long and painful death.

I made a few reporter type calls and no one wanted to talk with me. The more I asked, the more a lid seemed to be pushed over the issue. Finally I decided to enquire here through the hospitals, discreetly and SNAP.

What with all the budget restrictions anti-venom has been low on the list of hospital essentials and no one had it in all of Andalucia. When it finally arrived from Murcia—it all was too late.
Self preservation should be ranked above bravado.

© Copyright 2005 by

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