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Articles to Ponder Last Updated: Nov 17th, 2006 - 05:11:58

By Ric Polansky
Jul 27, 2006, 05:35

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                                                                      © Ric Polansky

You might not WANT to pay attention to the latest summer flare-up in Beirut. But, the entire Mid-eastern problem is centered around the outcome. The un-united Arab world is gritting its teeth and just waiting to become bosom buddies again if Allah is insulted.


At the center of the struggle is really the achievement of a Palestinian state for displaced refuges. On the fringes are fanatical groups like Hamas (who now is the political authority for this region) and Hezbollah (Party of GOD) both groups avowing the destruction of Israel.


The United States is desperately trying to tip toe a middle of the road tight rope between it’s inherited historic Juderic-Christian heritage and the little patience shown by the more liberal Muslim nations giving total acquiescence to the blatant fanaticism of their brothers belligerent armed camps and their undying pledge to destroy Israel.  


America’s Mid-west has shown a 50% increase in Bible sales; all Sunday readings, chats and sermons revolve around the enigmatic epistle the Book of Revelations. Bible thumping silver tongued righteous true believers are now counting their “last days” as major changes appear immanent. It is right there in the good book, written for all to read, and those of that ilk—can’t get enough of it.


The fact of the matter is that at the moment the world has no choice between constant terrorism, if the Muslim don’t get their way, or total surrender-- if they do. The battle is simple and uncomplicated: but the reasoning is totally corrupt. How can you have a “would be nation”, Palestine, be accepted in the world of nations when its most fundamental pledge is the annihilation of it’s neighbor—Israel?


 Therein is the problem. Call it for what it is-- an “absurdity” of the highest degree yet allowed to exist, even be thought of, and financially supported by the whim of the surrounding Muslim states.


The Palestinians have been selected to do the dirty work for their neighbors by shooting rockets, sending in suicide bombers and snipping at Israel farmers tending their fields. By supporting the abhorrent contention of “total and absolute annihilation of the state of Israel” therein exists a continuous declaration of WAR.


Unfortunately, but within reason, battles are being carried out in Lebanon by Israel right now and why shouldn’t they?


“Genocide” screams the unknown lowly Western politician looking for his glimmer in the international limelight. “Look at how the poor children suffer” he points. (Those same children that have been indoctrinated in schools that anything Western is Evil and more so if it is Jewish).

Meanwhile the Star of David’s tanks blow away the headquarters of Hezbollah and specially trained soldiers surgically take out their leaders. That’s not war. It is a limited and controlled violent action looking for a precise specified enemy. No mass bombings are taking place (yet) nor barrages of mass artillery firing indiscriminately into city centers. For those residents living near the conflict common sense would dictate you move your family away from obvious Hezbollah targets, bomb factories and communications centers OR expect the worse.


When the Hezbollah’s “soldiers of God” set up their rockets, recklessly shooting them to detonate everywhere and anywhere and aimed against an unsuspecting civilian population—that’s War. That’s pure terrorism too!


Solutions? Easy. You cannot allow any person, family, clan, group, tribe, state or nation to preach the death and destruction of “anyone else” without BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE-- even if they are Muslim!


Furthermore, when I look at the destitute Palestinian refugee camps that have been preached nothing but hatred and taught similar thoughts in their schools and religious centers yet know fully well that just 1% of the oil revenues of Saudi Arabia given by the grace of Allah to these people would allow them a per capita income equaling that of Great Britain— would solve this issue in a “twinkle of an eye”.


The Palestinians INSIST they want the World to acknowledge them and their rights to be--  the way they want to be. And, there will be no other solution other than what they propose (total annihilation of Israel).


An absurd suggestion from the start. Can anyone actually imagine grown people so filled with the black bile of hatred—proposing such an action? Then still wish to be included in a membership of nations and counted among the civilized beings on this planet?


On the fringes you have Iran supplying the Hezbollah with munitions and rockets to continue the malady. Syria is waiting to pounce and return to Lebanon and Israel is trying to extend their security areas to stop the attacks.

Diplomacy should not intervene and try to negotiate a truce as the very heart of the issue is diabolical, corrupted and against all the tenets of civilization.


I don’t believe the world will ever be held hostage to the abhorrent, vindictive and disillusioned beliefs of psychopathic leaders-- even if they are Muslim. 



© Copyright 2005 by

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